Sri Lankan Umpire Kumar Dharmasena Acknowledge The mistake In The World Cup Final

Kumar Dharmasena

Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena acknowledged his mistake in the World Cup finals between England and New Zealand.

Kumar Dharmasena acknowledged his mistake, saying it was a mistake to scored 6 runs over the throw in the World Cup final but there was no replay facility in the field.

Sri Lankan Empires added that the International Cricket Council also praised my decision.

The idea was that on July 14, England and New Zealand were played on the historic field of the final of the World Cup.

In the last over of the final, New Zealand’s fielder Martin Gupta’s throw crossed the boundary line by bouncing to England’s batsmen Ben Stokes bat.

Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena added 6 runs in England’s total, which cause tied and then in the Super Over, the teams England was ranked as a champion based on Boundaries.

Simon Taufel also dismissed Dharma Sena’s decision and said that umpire should have given 5 runs.

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